How to Set Up Video Calling on a PC

One-to-one video calling is as easy as voice calling. Yes, with the way technology upgrades, everything’s becoming easy. You can communicate with anyone instantly by using a smartphone. No matter in which country you live, you can easily make free voice callings and video callings. When it comes to Video Calling, Skype is the only name pop up in our mind. Today, we are going to guide you to set up Video Calling on a PC. Just follow the tutorial given below!

Video Calling

There could be a number of reasons why you want to make video calls, but it is always a safe move if you know something new. If you are not aware about Video Calling through Skype, you need not to worry about it. We have managed to prepare a complete detailed tutorial with all the required steps to set up the entire process, here it is!

How to Set Up Video Calling on a PC

Step 1 :

Make sure to download and install Skype software on your PC. Many of you might already have installed it on a respective PC, if not, kindly follow the below given link to download and install it on your PC.

Download Skype for Windows and Mac

Step 2 :

Once you get Skype installed on your PC, you will be asked to sign up for it first. If you don’t have a Skype account, kindly register to it and create your own profile.

Video Calling

Video Calling

Step 3 :

Once you enter your login credentials, you will be presented a homepage of Skype. There are two separate parts of the page, left side you could see contacts and other information about your account and the right side you can see what’s going on with your friends.

Video Calling

Step 4 :

You need to hit the Contacts option from the left hand side of the window. If there’s no any contact available, kindly select add button and add contacts manually. You can even share your username to your friend to get a request.

Step 5 :

Once you have a proper contacts, you just need to select the contact from the list whom you are going to make a Video call. Just hit the Video call option and your video call will be made. There are many options you could use while making a video call, you can set up the whole thing once you make a call. It’s pretty easy and anyone can do this!

What’s your take on this? Have you ever used Skype? If you are not happy, try FaceTime for PC Download and share your experiences with us. If you have any queries or questions to be asked, kindly let us know in the comments.

Understanding basic tips and tricks for iOs 8

As new iphone has created a rage among the gadget lover thus it is safe to say that many people are joining the iOs ranks which will give you a whole new experience for sure. But when iphones are intuitive to use then iOs are pretty different from what you might have been using from a long time and tips and tricks will help enjoy better.

About iOs 8 tips and tricks for beginners – when you are enjoy your new iphone then learning some amazing and important iOs 8 tips and tricks for beginners will definitely add to you fun discovering, if you are a newcomer to it.


  • You can get quick access to contacts by double clicking the home button and swiping right to reveal your favorites when added on multi tasking screen.
  • The new Siri feature comes in handy and gives an ease and by saying Hey Siri you can activate iOs voice assistant. Go to settings > general >Siri > and tap allow Hey Siri.
  • You can hide photos in recently deleted folder if you are using a cloud based back up service and make sure that your photos are really deleted.
  • Setting the selfie timer is other loved feature where you can three to ten seconds before to get in the right position before taking a shot.
  • Using notification widgets is other easy way to quick access to app data by pulling down from the top of your iphone’s screen.
  • You can use interactive notifications while using an app and can respond by dragging your finger down over it.
  • iOs 8 brings option to maximize your battery life. You can go to settings > general >usage > battery usage where you get some suggestions to help you save battery life.
  • Making your phone as medical ID and can make emergency call along with getting valuable health information.
  • You can turn on the email notifications when require immediate attention and can stop it as well when not required.

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Thus, these are some basic things but not so obvious that you might know which can help you in enjoy it better for sure. When you are a new to iphone then iOs 8 tips and tricks for beginners will give best help to enhance your experience and there are many more to explore. For more tips and tricks related to your Apple iPhone, you can click and browse the latest article at

Revolution of Watching Movies on Smartphones

Your Smartphone can do magic for you. There are several applications on Smartphone that are full of entertainment.  The revolution of Smartphone devices is at its peak and many like to take full perks of this quality. Your Smartphone can display all the streaming content from the internet and you tube.  You can also watch full movies on your Smartphone. Technology is amazing you just need to know the right way to use today’s technology.

It is believed that after a few years Smartphone and other devices are completely going to kill computers. Smartphone’s are going to become the principal computing gadgets in future. All the mobile manufacturing are working hard day by day and launching their advanced smart phones with new and exciting features.

Buying movies from stores

If you like to watch movie anytime there are full-length movies available on play stores and iTunes. You can also get full episodes and TV series. You can sync them from your systems to your devices. These videos are cut into sections to reduce video lag, but it is very small cost to pay when there is full length movie enjoyment ahead.

Streaming content on apps

There are several mobile apps available and they also provide streaming of movies and shows. Additionally there are some TV channels as well that offers access to the video streaming on a proprietary app. If you want to have proper storage space on your devices then video streaming  is good. There are subscription based services also offered by the company. There are several other options  you will find.


Watching movies easily on smart devices

The idea of watching movies in Smartphone is really amazing ad when users find that it is very convenient as well they get really excited. Well, this is the new trend and this revolution is taking the world day by day. There is no need to be a gadget freak to play movies on your Smartphone. You just need few software and apps according to the Smartphone devices you are using.

Those who have access to full movies on their Smartphone can watch movies on the go, the best way to kill time, can reduce boredom and much more. You can also watch movies anytime sitting on beaches, sipping coffee in a coffee shop, airport or anywhere you like. Because of all these advantages and flexibility more and more people are adding to this enjoyable and exciting revolution.